Don’t the MotoAmerica riders use such awesome wrapping paper? Proof that it’s not just the thought that counts.

Last year’s Superbike Riders’ Holiday Gift Exchange was such a big hit that we decided to spread the spirit of giving far and wide throughout the MotoAmerica paddock. And, once again, the riders generously gave each other the most thoughtful of presents.

Here are some highlights:

Sean Dylan Kelly & Brandon Paasch > Richie Escalante

SDK and Paasch first considered getting Escalante a nice bottle of wine (or possibly the homonym of “wine”), but they couldn’t find any in a convenient 37cc size.

Roger Hayden > Rocco Landers

Roger Hayden is not just a great road racer, he’s also quite an outdoorsman. How nice of Rog to share some of his famous venison jerky with Landers, who developed a sudden appreciation for the delicacy at Barber Motorsports this past season.

Kyle Wyman > Cameron Beaubier & Cam Petersen

Wyman gave this same book to then-newly-engaged Mathew Scholtz last year, so it was his go-to gift again this year for both Cam Petersen and Cameron Beaubier.

Toni Elias > Bobby Fong

Rumor has it that Bobby Fong can grow a five o’clock shadow by noon. Imagine sharing the team transporter with the hirsute Fonger like Toni Elias did this past season. Bzzzz!

Jason Madama > Kaleb De Keyrel

There are no two riders in the paddock who share a love for neon colors more than Madama and De Keyrel, so how nice of Hammer to give De Keyrel a neon sign that says–what else?–NEON.

David Anthony > Max Flinders

Rubber ducky, you’re the one. You make bathtime lots of fun. Also, you’re yellow, so what a perfect gift for saffron-tone-obsessed Flinders.

And finally, after the year we’ve all had, MotoAmerica wanted to give everyone world peace. Unfortunately, though, 2020 isn’t over yet, so the best we could come up with is


Happy Holidays, everyone.

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